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Jun 8th, 2022

What to Expect at Navy Boot Camp!

what to expect at navy boot camp

Eight-Week Naval Training Program

You’ve finally passed the ASVAB exam and have been selected to join the Navy.

Boot camp is just around the corner.

Not sure what to expect at Navy boot camp? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Week 1: Induction
  • Week 2: Teamwork skills
  • Week 3: On-Board with the Navy
  • Week 4: Firearm Training / First Navy Exam
  • Week 5: Career Objectives in the Navy
  • Week 6: On-Board Ship Safety Training
  • Week 7: Battle Stations
  • Week 8: Graduation from Navy boot camp

Let’s go into each of these eight weeks of training in more detail. Your career as a sailor is conditional on passing each of these eight phases.

Boot Camp Week I – Induction

The induction phase of joining the Navy can, at times, be daunting.

There is a lot to become accustomed to – and things come quick and fast, and you’ll be expected to adapt and organise yourself accordingly. Once you’ve made it through to boot camp, you will be given the appropriate attire and shown your way around – including how to fold clothing and how to correctly make your bunk.

The induction phase is also a high intensity program. Prepare for physically demanding tasks and drilling exercises – and be prepared to be pushed far more than you have ever been pushed before. From marching and drills to conditioning and swimming, you know what to expect. You will also begin attending Navy classes to prepare you for the career you have embarked to join.

Ultimately, the induction phase is about searing the following three words into your brain: Honor, courage, commitment – the three Navy core values.

Boot Camp Week II – Teamwork Skills

The early weeks of Navy boot camp is also about fostering teamwork skills.

You will be presented with emergency scenarios and trained to handle these cases. At the outset, these are some of the most important skills you will learn. You will develop the confidence to operate as an effective member of the Navy as you skill-base begins to grow.

You will also be working closely with other members of your team, and this inter-personal interaction is essential – not only at the induction phase of training but right throughout your career where teamwork skills are one of the most essential skills you will learn.

Boot Camp Week III – On Board with the Navy

Navy boot camp wouldn’t be complete without on-board ship training.

During week three, this is precisely what you can expect. You will learn all about ships; the nuts and bolts of what it means to work in the Navy.

  • Semaphore skills (signalling)
  • Ship architecture; key features and structures
  • Laws of naval warfare
  • Naval customs
  • Naval communication
  • Core seamanship skills
  • Navy ship and aircraft identification

At this stage of Navy boot camp, you can also expect to conduct your first physical abilities exam.

Boot Camp Week IV – Firearm Training / Exam

Week four of Navy boot camp is an important milestone for two reasons.

First, it’s that phase of boot camp that involves firearm training. You will be trained with the use of weapons such as a 12-gauge shotgun and an M16. Once you have been adequately trained and shown how to operate firearms safely and effectively, you will advance onto a live-fire range to demonstrate your skills.

Week four is also the week when you can expect to take your first exam; covering all material you have learned up to this point.

Boot Camp Week V – Career Objectives

As your recruiter told you, things would take a sharp turn once you embarked on Navy boot camp. You have now reached that point, and now must consider where you want to go and what you want to do in the Navy.

You will receive direction on precisely this.

And this is important, too.

The Navy wants you to work in an environment that suits your motivation and interest and skill-base best. This week is about identifying and confirming where you see yourself in the Navy, and what steps you need to take to get there.

Boot Camp Week VI – On-Board Ship Safety / 2nd Exam

Ship safety management is essential, and it’s during week six that you can expect to develop these core skills.

Training includes:

  • Damage control techniques
  • Efficient firefighting strategies on-board ships
  • How to escape smoke-filled compartments
  • Management of oxygen apparatus

Week six is also the week when you can expect to sit your second Navy exam.

This includes the renowned confidence chamber test; a testwhere instructors lead recruits into a chamber that fills with tear gas, only for instructors to tell each recruit, in order, to remove their gas mask.

As the name suggests, the purpose of the exercise is to generate confidence. The confidence chamber gives recruits the trust and value in their equipment, and how to confidently react when confronted with a similar situation in real-life, including a chemical weapons attack.

Boot Camp Week VII – Battle Stations

When we consider what to expect at Navy boot camp, battle stations come to the fore. It’s up there with the confidence chamber as one of the most challenging features of Navy boot camp.

The purpose of battle stations is clear: to harness what you have learned over the past number of weeks and to translate those skills into 12 different scenarios. You will work as a member of a team to work through these twelve tasks and will be scored accordingly.

Succeed at battle stations and you can expect to earn a US Navy ball cap.  

Boot Camp Week VIII – Graduating from Navy Boot Camp

You’ve done it!

After a gruelling eight weeks, you have finally achieved what you set out to achieve.

You are now a sailor in the US Navy and should be proud to have joined such as prestigious naval body such as this. You can go continue to develop your skills, this time in a professional capacity.

You can direct your career forward to go where you want to be.

But today’s a day of celebration, with family and friends. Enjoy it.

The hard work; the real hard work – is just around the corner.

Found this helpful? Make it through to Navy boot camp by studying and mastering the ASVAB exam. Check back to our ASVAB Test Practice blog soon for more exclusive features and content to help you achieve precisely that.



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