Privacy Policy

  • Information received from potential and actual registered members – be they username, email address, passwords and financial information – are not passed onto any third-parties other than the financial body tasked with completing the paid subscription process.
  • Persons who register on ASVAB Test Practice shall not have their private information disclosed to any third party. That data and personal details are protected and are not shared with any other party other than the merchant provider who receive payment details.
  • No personal or financial information, or both for the same person or group of persons, are held for any purpose other than registering that member to a given ASVAB Test Practice subscription program.
  • Personal information stored about a potential or actual registrant to a Asvabtestpractice program is safely stored, not open to access by any third party. This personal and financial information is not disclosed or released to any third party beyond its purpose to register the interested party to the ASVAB Test Practice subscription program.
  • Emails collected on are not shared with any third-party. They are used only by to share the information set out in the original email submission forms.