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Jul 26th, 2021

How to Prepare for the 2023 ASVAB Test!

how to prepare for the asvab exam

What is the ASVAB exam?

The ASVAB exam is an aptitude test taken by candidates to establish whether they are eligible to enlist in the US military. Knowing how to prepare for the ASVAB exam, then, is vital for your future success. Before you can begin to put together a solid plan, it is imperative that you know your long-term strategy.

There are two kinds of score used to measure a candidate’s result:

  • AFQT Score
  • MOS or Line Score

To even be considered to enlist in the military, candidates must achieve a set target score – known as the AFQT score. Each branch of the military has a different score. Joining the US army, for example, typically has an annual score target of 32. Joining the US Navy requires a higher average score, and so on.

The AFQT Score is calculated using only four of the nine ASVAB subtests:

  • Paragraph Comprehension
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Math Knowledge
  • Word Knowledge

If you know which US career you wish to enlist in, then you must consult the list of MOS, or Line scores released by each branch of the military. This wider score factors other subtests of the ASVAB exam. For instance, you may need to score high on Mechanical Comprehension and Auto and Shop Information if you wish to enlist in an engineering-style role.

Once you have decided which branch of the military to join, knowing the target AFQT score, and once you know which career you would prefer to join, knowing the Line score, then you are set to proceed onto the next stage of how to prepare for the ASVAB test.

Know Your Goals

Remember it is not enough to score low on the ASVAB exam.

Competition is high – meaning you must score high to stand out, get selected, and join the military. Hoping to “just pass” is not an option!

To increase the chance of scoring high, candidates must put together a realistic plan and stick to it. This plan must account for the target AFQT score and subjects included in your MOS test. Clearly, you will spend more time on MOS subtests compared to other parts of the ASVAB exam. If your Line score does not include Assembling Objects, for example, then you can assign a smaller weight of study time to this subtest. Similarly, you must assign more time to those subjects included on your Line score.

The study plan must be realistic, too. Avoid trying to cram, cram, cram!

Create realistic and achievable objectives. Meet these targets and move onto the next set of objectives. Ultimately, this is what will motivate you in the weeks ahead – as you slowly but surely cover the ASVAB syllabus and watch your progress build.

Create a Timetable that Works

Many candidates wondering how to prepare for the ASVAB test often ask the question of how much time should be spent studying each topic?

The answer is: it depends.

It depends on quite a few factors. For example: if you hate math, you clearly will spend far more time trying to understand concepts compared to subjects you prefer.

It is important that you do not spend more time on subjects you like.

It almost goes against natural tendency, but you must avoid it like the plague:

  • It wastes time. Even if you score incredibly high on a subject you like, it does not make a long-term difference to your ASVAB score. You must score high on all required subjects.
  • It gives you a false sense of security. If you feel that you know a lot about General Science, for example, you may feel overprepared for the ASVAB exam when in fact you are barely prepared at all.

Create a timetable that works – not for the subjects you like, but more so for the subjects that you do not like. That way, you can identify and target weaknesses, spend more time working on these weaknesses, and turning these weaknesses into additional strengths for the ASVAB examination.

Gather Study Materials

Candidates cannot know how to prepare for the ASVAB test if they have not gathered all study materials.

For instance, it is not enough to simply have ASVAB study guides that cover only 80 percent of the exam. That 20 percent loss of study can cost you dearly on the ASVAB test.

The question that candidates must ask themselves is this: how do I know that I have all required study materials?

  • What study materials are you using?
  • How old are these resources and are they out-of-date for the 2022 ASVAB test?
  • Am I confident that the resources cover all topics for the ASVAB exam?

These are the kinds of question you must ask yourself. If in doubt, it is perhaps time to re-evaluate what you are using and to identify any gaps in your existing study materials.

Of course, it is also important that the ASVAB study guides are useful, edifying, and can effectively teach you the theory you must know. Bad study guides can cause more confusion than they attempt to teach. Furthermore, this can create circumstances in which you start “memorizing” facts for their own sake, and not because you understand the underlying concepts.

Practice What You Learn

Often it is not enough to study material, you must be able to test your knowledge of that material. This gives you the much-needed confidence to confirm to yourself that you understand the concepts.

The more ASVAB test practice questions you can take, the better.

Do not get depressed if you initially score low. Were you really expecting to score 95% on your first attempt?

Of course not.

So, in the beginning, be realistic and know that you will score low. What matters now is that you gradually increase the percentage score in the coming weeks and months. ASVAB test questions are the ultimate learning tool to assist you in this goal.

Furthermore, use ASVAB practice questions are a means to learn – and not to confirm what you know. In other words, try to focus on the questions you got wrong. Identify trends: for example, is there a topic you keep scoring incorrect? This valuable can then guide your study in the coming weeks – as you devote more time toward fixing these mistakes to ensure they do not happen next time around.

Knowing how to prepare for the ASVAB test is about focus. And by focussing on what you get wrong, by learning from answer explanations, and by re-orienting your study to plug any gaps in your knowledge, you are always working in the right direction: building knowledge, plugging gaps, and – in the end – maximizing the possibility of scoring high on the ASVAB test.

All Work and No Play?

The ASVAB exam shouldn’t always be about work.

Candidates must inject some downtime into their study schedule. In practical terms, this means taking breaks in-between study schedules. Take a 10–15-minute break for every 50-minutes to 1-hour of study time. Oxygenating your brain is important. Taking notes even more important, as you return to these notes after your break to bring you straight back to what you need to know.

Similarly, at the end of each ASVAB study week, take a few hours to treat yourself. You have worked hard all week – sticking to the schedule and packing your brain with all the knowledge you need to know. Stress is never good for the body, and so it is biologically and cognitively necessary to add some downtime into your week. This could be anything you like, but just make sure you add it to your plan!

Study and Pass the 2022 ASVAB Test

At ASVAB Test Practice, we have put together the most comprehensive range of ASVAB exam prep that have helped thousands of candidates pass the ASVAB test.

This includes much of what we have discussed in today’s blog:

  • A structured, module-based, self-paced course.
  • Study guides that cover 100 percent of the 2022 course syllabus.
  • Thousands of practice ASVAB test questions.
  • Hundreds of flashcards. We have already prepared the notes for you.
  • Track your progress as you work your way through our interactive course.

In this way, our course is the ideal solution for candidates who are unsure how to prepare for the ASVAB test.

After all, there is so much to prepare for the ASVAB exam, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. By taking the steps outlined in this blog, you go that much further toward increasing the possibility of scoring high on both the AFQT score and your target Line or MOS score.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful! Check back to our exclusive ASVAB Test Practice blog soon for more content to help you master the 2022 exam and make it through to boot camp.



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