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Dec 15th, 2020

How Hard is the ASVAB Exam?

how hard is the asvab exam

Is the ASVAB exam hard?

Yes – the ASVAB exam is difficult.

This is because candidates must study and prepare for nine subtests. If you have done well at high school or have just recently left, the ASVAB exam should be much easier. That is because much of the information tested on the ASVAB test is of the same difficulty level. If this knowledge is fresher in your mind, the easier you will find the exam.

Another reason why the ASVAB exam is hard is the sheer amount of material you must study. If you are planning to enter the US military, you may be wondering what kind of material you must study.

In short, there are nine subtests – four of which are used to calculate your AFQT score: the score used to determine whether you are eligible to enlist in the military. The minimum score to enlist in the army, for example, is 32. These four tests include:

There are five additional subtests, which are used to establish the military speciality that you can and should enlist in – what are known as MOS (military occupational specialties):

Each military speciality has its own assigned score, which is a combination of the above subtests. If you are hoping to enlist in a specific role, then you can study for those specific subtests. If you do not know which role you wish to enlist in, it is best to prepare equally for all nine subtests of the ASVAB examination.

How Motivated Are You?

Many candidates who ask the question – how hard is the ASVAB exam – may already be at a disadvantage.

That is because candidates should not see the ASVAB exam as an obstacle. Instead, the exam is used to establish your suitability and eligibility to enlist in the military. If you are hoping to “memorize” your way through the exam, chances are you will find it tough to compete with the real competition out there who are motivated, dedicated, and committed to achieving the highest possible ASVAB score.

Remember – whether you are chosen to enlist is not based on whether you have “just passed” the exam, but whether you are among the highest-scoring candidates. Competition for places in boot camp is high. To secure your place, you must prove yourself – and that means scoring high.

Your level of motivation to succeed, then, is an important factor that will determine whether you find the ASVAB exam easy or hard.

Take Home Message

So, how hard is the ASVAB exam then?

As we have learned, the difficulty of the ASVAB exam depends on the following seven factors:

  • Whether you have recently left high school.
  • How well you performed at high school.
  • Your interest and motivation to succeed at the ASVAB exam.
  • How effective you are at studying and recalling information.
  • How proficient you are at exam preparation and time management.
  • Whether you need to prepare for all nine subtests equally or not.
  • Your dedication to learn, and not to hope to “just pass” the ASVAB.

 Think about these factors for yourself.

Do you think you will find the ASVAB exam hard or easy?

Ultimately, it comes down to your mindset. If you are a focussed, positive, and highly driven individual, you will succeed – no matter what ASVAB exam prep is thrown your way. However, if you are the kind of person who struggles to focus and doesn’t really have any direction, you will probably find this exam difficult.

How to Prepare for the 2022 ASVAB Exam

If you are still unsure how hard is the ASVAB exam, then think about the wide range of material you need to learn – from math and electronics to general science, mechanical comprehension, word knowledge, and much more. Many candidates find overwhelming the sheer volume of material that must be learned.

That’s why, at ASVAB Test Practice, we have put together the most complete, comprehensive, and current self-paced course that has helped thousands of candidates pass the ASVAB exam. Realistic test questions, practice exams, flashcards, exam prep, and much more – all of which are tailored to the needs of the 2022 ASVAB examination.

There are also many other, great resources out there including YouTube videos, blog content (such as what we provide here), and study guides. There is also an enormous range of excellent textbooks to help guide you through the ASVAB syllabus. Whatever resources you use, take advantage of the knowledge provided. Avoid passive learning. Instead, be active – make a study timetable and work through all the material you need to know. Make notes, flashcards, and review these on an ongoing basis. Study without distractions, too. Turn your mobile off, stay away from the television, and do not study in cluttered environments.

By having a long-term structured study plan alongside a dedicated study resource, you can tick off the topics – one-by-one – and master the ASVAB exam in no time – achieving a score as close to 99 as possible. This will make the ASVAB exam far easier than it otherwise would have been.

After you have dominated the exam and a friend some months from now turns to you and asks, “how hard is the ASVAB exam? I’m thinking of taking it”, you will be able to turn around and tell them, “You can make it as hard or as easy as you like”.

And in the end, that’s the take-home message: the choices you make determine whether you will struggle or succeed.

Make the right choices – and you’ll make it straight into boot camp!



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