Minimum ASVAB Scores for Military Branches!

Jan 31st, 2022

What is a good score to get on the ASVAB? At ASVAB Test Practice, many applicants get in touch asking the question: what is a “good score” to get on the ASVAB exam? Of course, the answer is: it de

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US Army ASVAB Career

US Army Bootcamp | What to Expect!

Jun 1st, 2021

10-Week Training Program You have taken as many ASVAB test practice questions as possible and managed to pass the ASVAB exam and enlist in your chosen army career. What’s next? We’ve alrea

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What are AFQT Scores and Composite Scores?

Jun 15th, 2020

What are AFQT Scores? AFQT scores are used to establish whether you are eligible to enlist in the military. Each branch of the military has their own set standard score that must be achieved. The scor

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ASVAB Career

Transferrable Military Skills and Your Next Career.

Jan 15th, 2020

What are Transferrable Military Skills? Transferrable military skills are those practical, reasoning, and theoretical skills you learn from the military that can be applied to other careers – su

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