ASVAB Practice Test 2 10 Questions to be Answered in 3 Minutes

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Welcome to your ASVAB Practice Test 2

Clandestine most nearly means:

What is 4! + 3!

What is the scientific unit for thermodynamic temperature?

Auger bits are used as part of which of the following tools?

Which of the following devices is used to hold electric charge?

Based on this passage, what inference can be drawn to explain what the word “loquacious” means?

Paul had a rather loquacious personality. He was known among his friends, Percy and Margaret, for this and it explained why they kept inviting him to parties. One day, when it was Percy’s twentieth birthday party, Paul didn’t even have an alcoholic drink, yet he was interacting with people as if he had. Then again, that’s what people expected of him. Percy and Margaret were more introvert and tended to shy away from conversation, but, when needed to, would show their extrovert side – such as at parties.

Solve for x in the following equation: 2 (3x + 5) = 4

Assemble the following object:

asvab assembling objects test

Meiosis is a form of cell replication which produces how many daughter cells?

What is the lowest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere called?

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