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Brendan earned $47.50 in tips on Friday and $72.80 on Saturday. If Brendan worked 14 hours between those two days, on average how much did Brendan earn in 4 hours?

Solve for x in the following equation: 3x – 7 = 15 + x

Assemble the following object:

assembling objects question

Electrical current is measured using which of these?

Intransigent most nearly means:

The following symbol refers to a/an:

Which part of the cell is responsible for most chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions?

Approximately how fast does the speed of light travel in a vacuum?

Based on this paragraph, which of the following titles offers the most accurate interpretation of the passage?

Medicine plays an important role in the US military. US military personnel experience unique risks that the civilian population tend not to encounter. This may involve, for example, exposure to potentially fatal nerve agents, such as sarin – or it may involve wounds and infections that develop due to artillery fire. There are approximately 4,400 active-duty physicians in the MC. There are also significant mental health risks, too – with PTSD having an incidence rate of approximately 4% among active-duty personnel. Special considerations are required for this population, particularly when they are discharged from duty and are expected to restore to normal civilian life.

What is the function of an alternator?


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