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What is the main idea of this passage?

The casus belli of the war were not clear. Some argued that it may have been due to economic concerns, whereas other analysts argued that it was used to distract from a political crisis at home. Whatever the reason may have been, the destruction this conflict could cause may go beyond what has happened previously. Indeed, it may go far worse.

Based on this passage, which of the following statements is false?

According to the UNHCR in 2021, there are an estimated 79.5 million refugees and displaced persons in the world; approximately 5% lower than the previous year. 85% come from the least developed countries, often because of either conflict, or through discrimination of a person due to their politics, race, or sexuality. Most displaced people remain in their home country.

According to the passage, what is not a benefit of working as a manager?


Remuneration for managerial roles remains steady. But that is not the primary reason why employees opt to enter this profession. For instance, there is also the question of authority – what you can achieve, and what you can change. This simply does not exist lower down the latter. Many employees want to get on, to advance their career and make something of themselves. There is also a sense of accomplishment, as there are only a small number of managerial positions compared to other employment roles in an organization. Working as a manager does, however, create an inevitable distance between the employees who you previously worked with, and the new role that requires you take more objective decisions for the benefit of the business.

In the context of the passage, what does the word objective refer to?

According to the passage, what are salary expectations like for managers?

According to the following passage, at one point Rachel argued:

Sarah attended to the needs of her friend, Rachel, when required. In fact, even Rachel argued at one point that Sarah needn’t be as obsequious as she has been over the past 6-months. The friendship was always strong, and Rachel would do her bit to help Sarah when and as this was needed. Sarah went above and beyond and had never expressed an ounce of hostility toward her. It was always hard to establish why the friendship turned out this way. But both are happy and have been friends now for well over 10-years.

Based on this passage, who came in third place?

The final of the 100 meters race was about to take place; the first time in two years that the race was held at Payton high school. On position two, Robert came out of the blocks fast, with Chad a close second. As the race progressed, Luke came up from behind and overtook Chad, then Robert, and maintained that position until David came out from nowhere to overtake Chad.

Based on this passage, what can we conclude about their relationship?

Leah wasn’t sure what happened with her fiancé, Jerome. Things have become far more apathetic in recent years. Jerome was drinking more; and had gained weight. Leah was previously the victim of domestic violence; and didn’t want to experience the same thing again. She wanted Jerome to change, and to change fast. With the wedding ceremony set to be only three months away, Leah wasn’t sure whether it would still go ahead.

What is the primary conclusion made from this paragraph?


John was asked to finish the onerous tasks – and managed to finish by 11.30am. But the quality of what he produced is a different question. Upon inspection, his brother noticed that an inaccurate number of bread rolls were placed in the packaging boxes. They had to be shipped by 4.30pm – and his brother had little time to verify the rest of John’s work. It would take at least an hour to conduct these necessary checks.

That is the essence of quality control, to ensure that each item is adequately checked for standards: not just manufacture standards but also packaging standards, too. The business has a duty to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Further procedures may need to be added to assure the lead team that sufficient checks exist to guarantee that no improperly manufactured goods are created in the future.

Of course, this also depends on employees. John was acutely aware of these standards, yet still managed to cause defects that were shipped on time. And the more defects caused, the more this costs the business.

At what time were the goods shipped?

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