ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Exam Format.

Depending on whether you are taking the CAT-ASVAB or the P&P ASVAB, there are different numbers of questions and time allotted.


15 Questions

20 Minutes


25 Questions

19 Minutes

What gets tested?

To score high on the ASVAB mechanical comprehension exam, candidates must have a rounded knowledge of three main themes.

These themes include mechanical systems; motion and forces; and fluid dynamics.

Test Taking Tips!

To score high at the ASVAB automotive and shop information test, candidates must studyin the weeks and months leading up to the exam – taking as many ASVAB test questionsas possible.

  • Get hands-on experience.

    Become familiar with machines and mechanical processes through hands-on experience. You may know a friend or family member who can assist you with this goal. You can also go to a local store and go through the various mechanical systems with members of staff. Alternatively, you can use the next-best thing – which is YouTube videos, free of charge, that go through this process for you.

  • Get to grips with equations.

    Though math and equations do not form a huge part of the mechanical comprehension test, they do get asked. And once you understand the equations, the questions are quite easy to solve. These equations include things such as Force = Mass x Acceleration; and Work = Force x Distance. Do not forget to know the correct units for each factor of these equations, too!

  • Practice ASVAB test questions.

    Mechanical comprehension is one of those exams that is very image-oriented. You will be presented with many images and asked to interpret what would happen if a force were applied, for example. That’s why ASVAB test practice questions are so important. They give you the chance to work out exam-like questions from home and ace these same questions on the day of your exam.

  • Create ASVAB flashcards.

    Flashcards are one of the time-honored ways of learning vast numbers of facts in a short timeframe. Always create original facts for each card – written in your own words. This makes the cards far more memorable.


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