ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Practice Test 15 Questions to be Answered in 20 Minutes

15 Questions

Welcome to your ASVAB Mechanical Comprehension Practice Test

In mechanics, vector quantities are quantities that possess both magnitude and what else?

When 30 pounds of force is applied to 8 square inch of surface, what pressure is exerted?

Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation states that the force of gravitational attraction is dependent upon which two variables?

A ball is thrown with a force of 38N to a distance of 2.8 meters. How much work was created through this action?

A vehicle turns sharply around a corner, creating a sideways force that is applied to the passengers. What is this force known as?

Find the height of the incline:

mechanical ramp

Six gears are connected in series. If the first gear moves clockwise, how will the fifth gear rotate?

Two gears are connected; a larger one with 12 teeth to a smaller one with 4 teeth. After the larger gear completes 8 revolutions, how many revolutions will the smaller gear have rotated?

In a double-pulley system, how much force is needed to lift a 20kg weight?

How much power does a 2 horsepower electric motor provide?

A wheelbarrow is an example of what kind of lever?

When more than two gears are rotating, what can we say about the speed of the smaller gear?

When two or more mechanical forces balance each other out, this is known as?

Two balls of equal density, one larger than the other, collide with one another at the same speed from opposite directions. What will happen the larger ball?

What is the formula for calculating mechanical advantage (MA)?

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