ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge Exam Format.

Depending on whether you are taking the CAT-ASVAB or the P&P ASVAB, there are different numbers of questions and time allotted.


15 Questions

20 Minutes


25 Questions

24 Minutes

What gets tested?

ASVAB math knowledge tests your understanding of abstract concepts such as equations and algebra and geometry.

Unlike the arithmetic reasoning exam, candidates are not askedword-based question problems that solely rely on addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division.

Test Taking Tips!

To succeed at the ASVAB mathematics knowledge test, candidates must study in the weeks and months leading up to the exam practicing as many ASVAB test practice questions as possible.

  • Never rush. Try not to get frustrated with math problems, tempting though that may be. If you are struggling to answer a question, do not waste too much time on it. Better to spend more time on other, easier questions than get stressed and run out of time.
  • Understand the Question. Unless you understand what the math question is asking, you cannot form a plan of action. Take a few seconds to put together a plan and execute that plan of action in a methodical and logical manner. Do not jump into the answer at rapid speed. Take your time – but not too much time.
  • Eliminate wrong answers. On multiple-choice ASVAB math knowledge questions, there are often two obvious wrong answers and two answers that more approximate the correct solution. Try to identify these outsider answers, if possible, and eliminate them. Then, work out the problem and identify the correct answer. At worst, this gives you a 50:50 chance of guessing the right answer – but doing so in an educated and informed manner.
  • Know the terms and phrases. In the weeks leading up to the ASVAB exam, it is important that you take the time to learn important phrases. We included many of these terms above in the “What Gets Tested” section. Unless you understand the vocabulary of math knowledge, you will struggle before you even begin.
  • Take ASVAB test practice questions. The more practice problems you try, the more you acquire the mental skills necessary to identify your strengths and to discover where your weaknesses lie – and to plug those gaps in your knowledge base. Practicing ASVAB questions also lets you know whether you are prepared to take the real thing.

the ASVAB Mathematics Knowledge exam is.


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