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A new measure was being passed by the army barracks. Three-quarters of the force, or 120 people, agreed to the new measure. How many people disagreed with the new measure?
One-half of one-quarter of one-fifth of 864,400 soldiers came from indigenous backgrounds. How many officers came from an indigenous background?
6! = ……?
Which of these numbers is NOT an example of a prime number?
If 25% of x is 120, then what is 60% of x?
There were 6 majors, 14 lieutenants, and 60 soldiers in the room. What fraction of those present in the room are lieutenants?
The population of a given country increased by 10% two years in a row – from 2017 to 2019. If the population of the country at the start of 2017 was 2,134,000, what is the population of the country at the beginning of 2019?
A vehicle travels 208 miles in 4 hours. Approximately how many miles is the vehicle travelling during a 25-minute period?
Officer Michael began his shift at 2.47am and finished 13 hours and 27 minutes later. What time did Officer Michael finish work?
Rebecca allocates 18% of her monthly salary to paying rent. If her rent is $750, how much does Rebecca earn each year?


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