General Science

ASVAB General Science is one of the 9 core knowledge domains that candidates must study and pass.

Learn more about what subjects gets tested, ASVAB general science practice questions, and what you need to do to pass.

ASVAB General Science Exam Format

Depending on whether you are taking the CAT-ASVAB or the P&P ASVAB, there are different numbers of questions and time allotted.


15 Questions

8 Minutes


45 Questions

20 Minutes


One of the challenges with the ASVAB general science exam is that it is a broad subject.

Candidates are expected to have a broad and comprehensive understanding of a wide range of science subjects.


    Questions on the human body always get asked. Candidates are expected to have a thorough knowledge of how the body is structured and how specific organs work. Candidates should also know about blood cells, such as red and white blood cells, and the functions of each major cell type.


    There are three common kinds of astronomy question on the ASVAB general science test: first, knowledge of the planets and their classification; second, the movement of the moon in relation to the Earth and Sun; and third, knowledge of other celestial objects within the solar system and wider universe.


    Candidates are expected to know the fundamentals of chemistry such as the atomic structure and how compounds form. You may also be asked questions about common kinds of chemical reaction and states of matter and how one interacts with another in relation to the application of pressure and heat, for example.


    The ASVAB exam asks questions relating to the Earth’s structure – both underground and in terms of the layers of the atmosphere. You are also expected to know the differences (and examples) of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock; as well as structures such as fault lines in the Earth’s crust.


    Expect to be asked questions about the biological classification of organisms – such as kingdoms, phylum, and orders – and to be able to identify what organisms belong to each category. ASVAB test questions also include genetics, botany, weather patterns, and the wider environment and habitats.


    ASVAB general science questions also ask about physical processes and the laws that impact these processes. Expect to be asked about acceleration, force, physical laws, pressure, and how these processes interact in the physical world. Detailed knowledge of equations is, however, not expected.

Test Taking Tips!

To succeed at the ASVAB general science exam, candidates must study in the weeks and months leading up to the exam – covering as many bases as possible in the detail required.

  • Put together a comprehensive study plan that ensures you spend enough time on each of the subjects discussed above.
  • Make sure to add revision into your study timetable. The more you revise, the better it converts short-term memories into long-term memories.
  • Don’t leave subjects out. You may not like physics or chemistry, but it is vital that you invest extra effort into subjects you do not like. Competition for places in bootcamp is high.
  • Take as many ASVAB test practice questions as possible. The more questions you practice, the more gaps you identify in your knowledge. By plugging these gaps, your knowledge level goes up.
  • Don’t memorize facts for the sake of it. If you do not understand something, don’t memorize it. Instead, invest the time and effort to understand the problem. This ensures that not only do you memorize the topic, but you actually understand it!
  • Learning about the natural world is fascinating enough. Even if you were never strong on science at high school, appreciate the subject for its own value rather than learning it for the sake of passing an exam. You may end up enjoying it – and this makes it far, far easier to study and recall the facts that matter!

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How to Pass the ASVAB General Science Exam?

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