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Mar 10th, 2022

ASVAB Example Questions for the 2022 Test!

asvab example questions

ASVAB Example Questions

The more ASVAB example questions you practice, the better prepared you will be on the day of your exam. At the outset, it can be difficult to study and prepare for the ASVAB exam, particularly if you aren’t sure what kind of questions get asked.

By knowing the standard and difficulty expected from ASVAB questions, the better you can customize your long-term study plan. You also avoid the mistake of studying material in greater detail than you need to or, conversely, of not studying some material in the level of detail you need to.

In other words, you must strike a balance.

Whether you are starting out in your ASVAB study or are coming toward the end of your preparation, the ASVAB example questions below give you an idea of what to expect on the day of your exam. As always, these are multiple choice questions. Attempt each question first. Correct answers can be found below.

Sample ASVAB Questions on All 9 Domains


1 – Blood detoxification takes place in which organ of the body?

  • a. Thyroid gland
  • b. Liver
  • c. Gall bladder
  • d. Pancreas

2 – Newton’s Second Law states that force can be calculated by multiplying which of these two variables?

  • a. Density and velocity
  • b. Mass and velocity
  • c. Density and mass
  • d. Mass and acceleration


3 – Lieutenant Mitchell was a man of great candor.

  • a. Aggression
  • b. Honesty
  • c. Humour
  • d. Height

4 – Inclement most nearly means ___________.

  • a. Dangerous
  • b. Confident
  • c. Bleak
  • d. Dreadful


5 – Three years ago, Luke was twice as old as Jordan. If Jordan is 12-years old now, how old is Luke?

  • a. 15 years old
  • b. 19 years old
  • c. 24 years old
  • d. 28 years old

6 – At a local store, Brian purchased four loaves of bread, each for $1.96, and three tubs of Greek yoghurt for a total of $2.61. If Brian gave a $20 bill to the cashier, how much change did he receive?

  • a. $4.33
  • b. $7.81
  • c. $9.55
  • d. $10.43


There were three doctors attending to the patient, as the situation had become more critical overnight. Each of the three medics were unsure what the best path forward was but ended up concluding that palliative care was probably the most ideal course of action. One of the doctors also expressed concern that the patient experienced a positive outcome because of the placebo effect, though the other two doctors believed otherwise. Doctors would continue to keep a close eye on the patient, awaiting blood test results in the meantime.

7 – Based on this paragraph, the patient is ____________.

  • a. Slowly on the mend
  • b. Stable
  • c. Deteriorating
  • d. Positively improving


8 – Electrical current is measured using which of these?

  • a. Hertz
  • b. Ohms
  • c. Voltage
  • d. Amps

9 – Power is calculated as: P = I × V

If P is power, and V refers to voltage, what does I stand for?

  • a. Current
  • b. Ampedance
  • c. Watts
  • d. Resistance


10 – Assemble the following object.

  • a. A
  • b. B
  • c. C
  • d. D


11 – In a two-gear system, a small gear has 8 teeth and a larger gear with 12 teeth. If the larger gear makes 16 revolutions, how many revolutions will the smaller gear make?

  • a. 20 revolutions
  • b. 24 revolutions
  • c. 28 revolutions
  • d. 32 revolutions

12 – As output torque increases, the output speed ______________.

  • a. Increases
  • b. Remains the same
  • c. Decreases
  • d. Decreases, then increases


13 – Solve for x:    6 (2x – 7) = 4x + 12

  • a. 4
  • b. 6
  • c. 8
  • d. 12

14 – Simplify:    (x7).(x8)

  • a. x15
  • b. 2x15
  • c. x56
  • d. 2x56


15 – What is the function of an alternator?

  • a. To change gears in either manual or automatic transmission
  • b. To switch inlet and outlet gas valves in cylinders
  • c. To charge the battery and support the vehicle’s electrical systems
  • d. To adjust brake power in ABS

16 – Drum and disk are examples of which of these?

  • a. Cylinder
  • b. Accelerator
  • c. Brake
  • d. Axel

ASVAB Correct Answers

These sixteen ASVAB example questions are representative of the style and standard you can expect on the day of your exam. If you are just starting your ASVAB exam prep, don’t be disheartened if you score low.

That is to be expected.

What matters is that you learn from each ASVAB test practice question by question – slowly but surely plugging gaps in your knowledge base. The more questions you practice, the better. If you are already a registered member of ASVAB Test Practice, you can continue your study with over 3,000 practice questions covering all nine knowledge domains of the exam.

Here are the correct answers for all sixteen ASVAB test questions:

  • Question 1: (b)
  • Question 2: (d)
  • Question 3: (b)
  • Question 4: (c)
  • Question 5: (b)
  • Question 6: (c)
  • Question 7: (c)
  • Question 8: (d)
  • Question 9: (a)
  • Question 10: (a)
  • Question 11: (b)
  • Question 12: (a)
  • Question 13: (b)
  • Question 14: (a)
  • Question 15: (c)
  • Question 16: (c)


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