ASVAB Automotive and
Shop Information

ASVAB automotive and shop information is a subtest of the ASVAB exam that tests a candidate’s knowledge of automobiles and how they work; as well as DIY tools used to solve common complaints.

Here in this ASVAB automotive and shop information guide, we learn more about the exam format; syllabus of questions; as well as the top tips you need to apply to score the highest possible result.

ASVAB Automotive and Shop Information Exam Format

Depending on whether you are taking the CAT-ASVAB or the P&P ASVAB, there are different numbers of questions and time allotted.


10 Questions

7 Minutes


25 Questions

11 Minutes

What Gets Tested?

Many candidates do not study much for the automotive and shop information exam because they are already familiar with engines and DIY tools in the years gone by – often due to an innate interest.

  • Engines

    The automotive phase of the exam tests subjects such as structure and function of engines; the four kinds of stroke; common types of engine; carburetors; fuel injectors; function of the throttle; octane ratings; systems such as the cooling, electrical, ignition, brake, and drive systems; and emission-controlled systems.

  • Shop Information

    The shop information phase of the exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of topics such as striking tools; fastening tools; cutting tools; drilling, punching, and gouging tools; finishing tools; clamping tools; measuring tools; and the various types of fastener.

  • Image-based Questions

    Many of the ASVAB test questions asked are pictorial. You will be presented with the image of an engine component or tool, for example, and asked to correctly identify what that tool is – or its function.

  • General Automobile Knowledge

    Automobile knowledge is a core part of this exam. Approximately half of questions will be about automobiles and engines. It is imperative that you are comfortable with how automobiles work at the highest level. Many questions get asked that talk about how automobiles work and what the function of various systems are.

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Automotive And Shop Information

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Test Taking Tips!

To score high at the ASVAB automotive and shop information test, candidates must study
in the weeks and months leading up to the exam – taking as many ASVAB test questions
as possible.

Get hands-on experience.

The best way to learn about engines is to receive practical experience on how they work. Ask a family member or a friend to assist, if possible and – if not – go to your local mechanic and ask them if you can spend a day, free of charge, on their site to learn more about not just engines but also about the tools used daily to resolve the common complaints that crop up.

Take ASVAB test exams.

Practice questions are always the best way to prepare for the exam because they let you know whether you have the knowledge needed to take on the real thing. And if you are hoping to score high on this part of the ASVAB exam, then practice questions become that much more important. By learning from detailed, explained answers, you plug any gaps in your knowledge and bring your understanding of a topic to the next level.

Watch videos.

The next-best thing to practical experience is video footage. True, studying tutorials and books has its own set of advantages but it cannot compare to seeing objects and engines work – whether this is in the real-life setting or watching those settings on free online videos. Often, these videos can become a far easier method of studying for the automotive and shop information exam than studying books and guides.

Make ASVAB flashcards.

At ASVAB Test Practice, we are a great advocate of flashcards, so much so that we have created hundreds of flashcards to help you pass the exam. That said, you can always make your own. Creating flashcards is free, simple, and – when done properly – can maximize the learning experience with a minimum of learning time. This is no different for the automotive/shop information exam.


At ASVAB Test Practice, we have put together a comprehensive range of thousands of exam-like test questions and practice exams to help you master the ASVAB automotive and shop information test.