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ASVAB Army Line Scores | The Complete Guide!

Dec 20th, 2022
asvab army line scores

ASVAB Roles and Army Enlistment

ASVAB army line scores are just one part of the eligibility process. To be eligible to enlist in the US army to begin with, candidates must score at least 31 on the ASVAB exam (the maximum score you can achieve on the ASVAB test is 99).

Of course, 31 is only the minimum score to enlist in the army but it doesn’t mean you’ll be selected to join boot camp. Instead, you must score far higher to ensure that you fall into the top percentile of scorers.

However, to enlist in a specific military job within the army, candidates must also achieve the target MOS or line score on top of the above minimum requirement.

The ASVAB exam is divided into the following 9 knowledge domains:

  • General Science (GS)
  • Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
  • Word Knowledge (WK)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)
  • Automotive and Shop Information (AS)
  • Electronics Information (EI)
  • Assembling Objects (AO)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)

Depending on the role you wish to apply for, the MOS / line score is calculated as a combination of some of these subjects.

Army MOS / Line Scores

Each army role is assigned a Military Occupational Speciality score, or MOS.

In the US army, there are ten broad specialties – as detailed in the table below. Note how each of these specialties is associated with its own subset of ASVAB subjects. We will come back to this a little later.

Army RoleAcronymScore Subjects
ClericalCLVerbal Expression
Arithmetic Reasoning
Math Knowledge
CombatCOArithmetic Reasoning
Auto and Shop Information
Mechanical Comprehension
ElectronicsELGeneral Science
Arithmetic Reasoning
Mechanical Comprehension
Electronics Information
Field ArtilleryFAArithmetic Reasoning
Math Knowledge
Mechanical Comprehension
General MaintenanceGMGeneral Science
Auto and Shop Information
Electronics Information
Math Knowledge
General TechnicalGTArithmetic Reasoning
Verbal Expression
Mechanical MaintenanceMMMechanical Comprehension
Electronics Information
Auto and Shop Information
Operators and FoodOFAuto and Shop Information
Verbal Expression
Mechanical Comprehension
Surveillance and CommunicationsSCMechanical Comprehension
Verbal Expression
Arithmetic Reasoning
Auto and Shop Information
Skilled TechnicalSTVerbal Expression
General Science
Math Knowledge
Mechanical Comprehension

Note: VE refers to Verbal Expression – which is a combination of your Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension score. Previously NO (Numerical Operations) and CS (Coding Speed) were used to calculate some scores, but they have now largely been replaced with standardised scores.

ASVAB Army Line Scores

Let’s say you want to become a Combat Engineer.

The table below details that the MOS code for army role is 12B. Your corresponding target ASVAB line score is CO: 87.

When we refer to the table above, we learn that the target subjects for CO are:

  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Auto and Shop Information
  • Mechanical Comprehension

Therefore, you must score high on these three subjects to achieve your target ASVAB line score to hope to become a combat engineer. This is separate from the minimum ASVAB score of 31 which you must achieve regardless of the military speciality you wish to join.

Apply the same principle to whichever army role you wish to join.

Below, we have put together the complete table of ASVAB army line scores and MOS codes for all professions in the US army. If you are unsure which military position you would like to join, but who would nonetheless like to join the army, you should score as high as you can across all ASVAB subjects – maximizing the available opportunities to you, if and when offers are made.

MOSArmy RoleTarget ASVAB Army Line Scores
09LInterpreter/TranslatorECLT: 50
11BInfantrymanCO: 87
11CIndirect Fire InfantrymanCO: 87
12BCombat EngineerCO: 87
12CBridge CrewmemberCO: 87
12DDiverGM: 98, GT: 107, ST: 106
12KPlumberGM: 88
12MFirefighterGM: 88
12NHorizontal Construction EngineerGM: 90
12PPrime Power Production SpecialistGT: 110, EL: 107, ST: 107
12QTransmission and Distribution SpecialistEL: 93
12RInterior ElectricianEL: 93
12TTechnical Engineer SpecialistST: 101
12VConcrete & Asphalt Equipment OperatorGM: 88
12WCarpentry & Masonry SpecialistGM: 88
12YGeospatial EngineerGT: 100, ST: 100
13BCannon CrewmemberFA: 93
13FFire Support SpecialistFA: 96
13JFire Control SpecialistFA: 93
13MMobility Launch Rocket System (MLRS/HIMARS) CrewmemberOF: 95
13RField Artillery Firefinder Radar OperatorSC: 98
14EPatriot Fire Control Enhanced Oper/MaintMM: 100
14GAir Defense Battle Management System OperatorMM: 98, GT: 99
14HAir Defense Enhanced Early Warning System OperatorMM: 99, GT: 98
14PAir & Missile Defense (AMD) CrewmemberOF: 95
14TPATRIOT Launching Station Enhanced Operator/MaintainerOF: 95
15BAircraft Powerplant RepairerMM: 104
15DAircraft Powertrain RepairerMM: 104
15EUnmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer (UAS SYS REP)EL: 93, MM: 104
15FAircraft ElectricianMM: 104
15GAircraft Structural RepairerMM: 104
15HAircraft Pneudraulics RepairerMM: 104
15NAvionic MechanicEL: 93
15PAviation Operations SpecialistST: 91
15QAir Traffic Control OperatorST: 101
15RAH-64 Attack Helicopter RepairerMM: 99
15TUH-60 Helicopter RepairerMM: 104
15UCH-47 Helicopter RepairerMM: 104
15WUnmanned Aircraft Systems OperatorSC: 102
15YAH-64 Armament / Electrical /Avionics RepairerMM: 104, EL: 98
17CCyber Operations SpecialistGT: 110, ST: 112
19DCavalry ScoutCO: 87
19KM1 Armor CrewmanCO: 87
25BInformation Technology SpecialistST: 95
25CRadio OperatorEL: 98, SC: 98
25DCyber Network DefenderGT: 105, ST: 105
25LCable Systems Installer / MaintainerEL: 89, SC: 89
25MMultimedia IllustratorST: 91, EL: 93
25NNODAL Network Systems Operator (Maintainer)EL: 102, SC: 105
25PMicrowave Systems Operator (Maintainer)EL: 107
25QMultichannel Transmission Systems Operator (Maintainer)EL: 98, SC: 98
25RVisual Information Equipment Operator (Maintainer)EL: 107
25SSatellite Communication Systems Operator (Maintainer)EL: 117
25USignal Support System SpecialistEL: 93, SC: 92
25VCombat Documentation / Production SpecialistST: 91, EL: 93
27DParalegal SpecialistCL: 105
31BMilitary PoliceST: 91
31DCriminal Investigation Special AgentST: 107, GT: 110
31EInternment / Resettlement SpecialistST: 95
31KMilitary Working Dog HandlerST: 91
35FIntel AnalystST: 101
35GGeospatial Intelligence Imagery AnalystST: 101
35LCounter-Intelligence AgentST: 101
35MHuman Intelligence CollectorST: 101
35NSignal Intel AnalystST: 112
35PSignals Intelligence Voice InterceptorST: 91
35QCryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Collector/AnalystST: 112
35SSignals Collection AnalystST: 101
35TMilitary Intelligence (MI) Systems Maintainer / IntegratorST: 112
36BFinance Management (Technician)CL: 101
37FPsychological Operations SpecialistGT: 107
38BCivil Affairs SpecialistGT: 107
42AHuman Resource SpecialistGT: 100, CL: 90
46SPublic Affairs Mass Communication SpecialistGT: 107
56MReligious Affairs SpecialistCL: 90
68ABiomedical Equipment SpecialistEL: 107
68BOrthopedic SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68CPractical Nursing SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68EDental SpecialistST: 91
68FPhysical Therapy SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68GPatient Administration SpecialistCL: 90
68HOptical Laboratory SpecialistGM: 98
68JMedical Logistics SpecialistCL: 90
68KMedical Laboratory SpecialistST: 106
68LOccupational Therapy SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68MNutrition Care SpecialistOF: 95
68NCardiovascular SpecialistST:101, GT: 107
68PRadiology SpecialistST: 106
68QPharmacy SpecialistST: 95
68RVeterinary Food Inspection SpecialistST: 95
68SPreventive Medicine SpecialistST: 101
68TAnimal Care SpecialistST: 91
68UEar, Nose, and Throat (ENT) SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68VRespiratory SpecialistST: 102
68WCombat Medic SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
68XBehavioral Health SpecialistST: 101
68YEye SpecialistST: 101, GT: 107
74DChemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) SpecialistST: 100
88HCargo SpecialistGM: 88
88KWatercraft OperatorMM: 99
88LWatercraft EngineerMM: 99
88MMotor Transport OperatorOF: 85
88NTransportation Management CoordinatorCL: 95
88URailway Operations CrewmemberMM: 92
89AAmmunitions Stock Control and Accounting SpecialistST: 91
89BAmmunitions SpecialistST: 91
89DExplosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) SpecialistGM: 105
91AM1 Abrams Tank System MaintainerMM: 88 & GT: 92 or MM: 99
91BWheeled Vehicle MechanicMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91CUtilities Equipment RepairerGM: 98 or GM: 88 & GT: 83
91DTactical Power Generation SpecialistGM: 98 & GM: 88 & GT: 88
91EAllied Trade SpecialistGM: 88 & GT: 95 or GM: 98
91FSmall Arms / Artillery RepairGM: 93 or GM: 88 & GT: 85
91GFire Control RepairMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91HTrack Vehicle MechanicMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91JQuartermaster & Chemical Equipment RepairMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91LConstruction Equipment RepairMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
91MBradley Fighting Vehicle System MaintainerMM: 88 & GT: 92 or MM: 99
91PArtillery MechanicMM: 88 & GT: 88 or MM: 99
91SStryker Systems MaintainerMM: 87 & GT: 85 or MM: 92
92AAutomated Logistical SpecialistCL: 90
92LPetroleum Laboratory SpecialistST: 91
92MMortuary Affairs SpecialistGM: 88
92RParachute RiggerGM: 88 & CO: 87
92SShower, Laundry & Clothing Repair SpecialistGM: 84
92WWater Treatment SpecialistGM: 88
92YUnit Supply SpecialistCL: 90
94ALand Combat Electronic Missile System RepairerEL: 102
94DAir Traffic Control Equipment RepairerEL: 102
94ERadio & Communications Security RepairerEL: 102
94FComputer / Detection Systems RepairerEL: 102
94HTest, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TDME) Maintenance Support SpecialistEL: 107
94MRadar RepairerEL: 107
94PMultiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) RepairerEL: 93
94RAvionic & Survivability Equipment RepairerEL: 98
94SPatriot System RepairerEL: 107
94TShort Range Air Defense System RepairerEL: 98
94YAutomatic Test Systems Operator and MaintainerEL: 107
96DGeospatial Intelligence Imagery AnalystST: 101

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