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In a zoo, there are three times as many lions than zebras, and four times as many elephants than lions. If there are 2 zebras, how many elephants are in the zoo?

Officer Tim began his shift at 2.47am and finished 13 hours and 27 minutes later. What time did Officer Michael finish work?

The population of a country increased by 10% two years in a row, from 2019 to 2021. If the population at the start of 2019 was 2,134,000, what was the population at the beginning of 2021?

A new measure was being passed by the army barracks. Three-quarters of the force, or 120 people, agreed to the new measure. How many people disagreed with the new measure?

Barbara wants to buy three ribeye steaks from her local store for a total of $22.80. At the checkout, Barbara learns that she only has a $20 note, so decides to leave 1 steak behind. How much change did Barbara receive?

Benjamin earns $12.80 per hour, 15 percent more than his colleague, Sophie. If Sophie works 38-hours per week, what is her take home weekly salary?

There were 6 majors, 14 lieutenants, and 60 soldiers in the room. What fraction of those present in the room are lieutenants?

One-half of one-quarter of one-fifth of 864,400 soldiers came from indigenous backgrounds. How many officers came from an indigenous background?

If a vehicle travels 480 kilometers in 6 hours. How many kilometers will the vehicle travel in 8 hours?

It's Michael's birthday today. In a year from now, Michael will be twice as old as he was 9 years ago. How old is Michael today?

A vehicle travels 208 miles in 4 hours. Approximately how many miles is the vehicle travelling during a 25-minute period?

Nathan purchased a new jumper for $24.60. If Nathan received an 18% discount, what was the original sale price of the jumper?

Each 10 inches on a map represents an actual distance of 140 feet. If the map is 140 inches wide, how long does the map actually represent?

Alex bought a new car for $42,600. Year on year on year, the vehicle depreciated by 10% in value. What was the value of the vehicle after 3 years?

There are 6 blue balls, 4 red balls, and 2 white balls. What is the probability of Chad selecting a white ball?


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