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US Army Branch

With over 1.3 million active troops and a further 865,000 in reserve, there has never been a better time to enlist in the US army.

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US Marines Branch

Thinking of enlisting with an elite maritime land force hat conducts specialist naval and amphibious operations?

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US Air Force Branch

Thinking of joining over 330,000+ active personnel whose core missions involve air superiority?

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US Navy Branch

The US navy conduct specialist naval combat operations, with currently 290 deployable vessels and 340,000 active duty personnel.

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US Coast Guard Branch

The US coast guard is the elite force that maintains maritime security, at home and abroad, as well as other local and law enforcement operations

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2021 ASVAB

Exam Syllabus

To succeed at the ASVAB exam, candidates must prepare for the following nine knowledge domain areas, which include:

  • Knowledge Domain

  • CAT-ASVAB Exam Time

The ASVAB exam takes
approximately 3-hours to complete

To make it through to the selection round, you must score high. A “pass score” is not enough.
Competition for places within the US military is currently high.

How to Pass the 2021 ASVAB Exam

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